What I take?

My new normal of taking medication has been the challenge I never wanted to face. Now, here I am taking medication to keep my blood glucose levels down. When I first started talking insulin I was taken about 4 shots a day and 5 on Sunday. Yes, my doctor had me taking a slow acting insulin (Lantus) at 40 units for the day. Then I took anywhere from 10-15 units of Novalog before each meal depending on what my blood glucose levels where. Then once a week I take Trulicity in order to help my body’s natural insulin work better. Image never liking needles and then being forced to take shots like you are a human pin cushion. I was so depressed when I started taking insulin. It was a dark place for

I'm Back (Again)

It’s been a year since I’ve given an update or posted on my site. What a difference a year makes!!! Right after I did my August challenge last year my hemoglobin levels where extremely low and no one knew why or what was going on with me. I ended up going to a Hematologist. He diagnosis me with Anemic. Once he determines I suffer from a lack of iron in my blood he sent me on a world win of appointments. My doctor also requested that I get iron infusion to help supplement what I’m lacking. So there I was in the center getting the infusion and scared out of my mind. Even thou I was getting the infusion no one really knew why. I ended up going to a GYN where she stops my menstrual cycles in or

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