Lies You/We Tell

Lies You/We Tell The definition for the word lie is a false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood. Have you ever not workout, ate the wrong meal, or just didn’t want to do a combination of the two? What did you do? Do you have an accountability partner or family that holds you accountable? Have you ever told them that lie “Yes, I worked out”? If these are question you asked “Yes” to than you are not alone. So many times, we don’t realize that the lie is to ourselves. I have accountability partners that I answer to but I had to realize that my biggest accountability partner must be myself. You must take responsibility for your action and what you do for your life. My fav

January Challenge Begins (3 Steps)

January is the time of the year everyone starts to workout, low/no carbs, etc. These fads give quick results that don’t last past the month of January. I am a firm believer in moderation. This video will show the 3 things that I am doing for the month to get back to the basic. Done correctly and honestly and you will see results. I’m excited about getting back to what I know gave me great success. So many times we don’t realize that the basic’s work. Check out the video! Let me know if you have anything special that you do to jump start your weight release.

Over 400 Back to Me

Happy New Years!!! A new year with new goals and new challenges. I did this video to let you all know the good, bad, and all that in between. For me a highlight for 2016 I had a picture go viral on Facebook. Yes, me! I could not believe that it happens. I release a similar picture a week prior and didn’t get much response. Putting my picture on there I never thought I would get so much response. This made my year and made me feel like I’m reaching people on my journey. My journey has always been on “inspiring other’s thru life’s test”. The fact that this went viral shows I am helping the missives out. The picture had 10,020 shares, 963 comments, and 3.1K likes. In between was facing a fear

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