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Imaging walking into an exercise class you have walked in several times. Imaging getting prepared to work out even though your knees feel like you could fall over. Imaging deciding you’re going to do class no matter what. Hear the music start. Send the signal to your brain. Then watch as your body does move because your knees have decided today will be the day they no longer preform. That was me a month ago.

Recently I was diagnosing with server arthritis of the knees. Yes, I added an “s” because both of my knees suffers from server arthritis. Just some stats from Arthritis Statistics and Facts: 350 million adults and children worldwide, 40 million live in the USA. There are 100 different kinds of arthritis and 3 major kinds.

Which do I suffer: Osteoarthrosis

  • osteo which means “of the bone”

  • arthr which means “joint”

  • itis which means “inflammation”

What is it: This form of arthritis is a “wear and tear” on the joints that are being over used. This is also can come with age however in my case it came from joint injuries and obesity which over time has cause extra stress on my joints. The joints that bear weight is more commonly effected. Areas of the body like knees, hips, feet, and spine. Once your body natural shock absorber is lost it can cause the server pain. Cartilage is broken down and bone on bone friction occurs.

My plans are to work very hard to release weight to help relieve the pressure from my knees. Check out my YouTube video at which describes what plan of treatment I decided on.

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