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31 Miles in 31 Days Update:

I’ve decided to make “me” a priority and it’s scary! So, it’s been 15 days since I started these 31 miles in 31 days and that all I can say is WHY? It’s been good days and a lot of bad days. I started off very slow, but it has gotten better over time. My knees have their issues and want to fail me at times. However, I’m not going to let the pain dull my determination. I’m currently living a no excuse type of life. This next 16 days will be better. Hopefully not as challenging. I do know nothing can happen without a little work. Let me know how you have been doing on your journey to 31 miles. What has been your good days look like? What have your bad days look like? How does the success of knowing you are accomplishing a goal means? I know it can be hard, I promise I have cried and rub my knees from time to time but refuse to give in.

So what if you have not join us on this journey but now you want to start. LEGO! You know why I say it like that. It’s because that no matter what day you start, just start. No more tearing ourselves down but build up our possibilities. So 16 more days and 16 miles! YOLO! Make every moment count! ~Mel

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