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Day One Business Explosion

The morning after…. That is how I woke up thinking last night had to be a dream. Day 1 of the business explosion has already over whelmed my senses. The house we are staying in is something that I would have never imaging being able to stay. It is amazing to me how you can start on a journey and end up in a totally different place then you thought you would be. As most know I started my journey at a recorded rate of 447lbs. The truth is I don’t know what my highest weight was because I stayed away from all things scale for a long time. My doctor has a record and has offered to give it to me but my fear factor sets in each time. I want to talk about fear. Because last night’s conversation with the ladies got me thinking. We ALL HAVE FEARS!!! Everyone has fears and is scared of the unknown; however you have to decide that you are worth more and that you can do it. I personally think fear is a good thing. It keeps you humble and keeps you focus. I have been talking about my book for a long time and fear has been the reason I have not been able to put it out there. However, not anymore! Last night a wise woman said “speak out loud” was the message she got from god once. I think he used her to show me that it’s okay to speak (write) your truths. More importantly more people will be helped from your speaking then silence. My book about my life’s journey will be release winter 2015. No more allowing fear to control me and my destiny!!! Which kind of ironic considering I’m staying on “Destiny Way”!!! God moves in ways I could not even know was possible. I’m truly smiling from my heart today. Be blessed! Happy Releasing!

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