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Fitbit Charge2 Review (Part 1)

Fitbit Charge 2

You get a Fitbit, you get a Fitbit, you get a Fitbit, and so on. Is what we would love to hear Oprah say. LOL! For me that wasn’t the case. I did some research before deciding to buy a Fitbit. For me it was an upgrade to the Polar Watch I purchased several years ago. The Polar came with a strap that must be applied to get heart rate and no step monitoring at least not with the model I had. The one thing

that made it applying is that my company recently went to a step system for a wellness program for their employees. You had to calculate steps and for two weeks you must have 33 miles to accumulate a 1 hour annual leave every pay period.

Fitbit Charge HR2 is Fitbit # 1 seller. The Fitbit Charge 2 has interchangeable accessory bands and a large OLED screen with tap display. The pure pulse heart rate is new technology that help detect your heart rate. There are also multi-sport tracking and connected to GPS. You can also get notification from your phone to your Fitbit. You can get call, text, and calendar alerts. The Fitbit works for all cardio levels and has a built in guided breathing session. It gives you reminders when it’s time to move. You can set a sleep reminder, the battery last up to 5 days, and auto sleep tracking. See Fitbit website at for more information on this great product.

My review is for a 24 to 48-hour review and unboxing. I will give you my 30-day review soon. This is what I would could sider my upgrade to my Polar Watch. It’s easy to wear and very actuate. I would say if you are looking for a devise that is versatile and that really gets the steps going this would be the best. I would recommend this item to even a first timer. This devise is a one stop shop on fitness and meal tracking. It will give you a real look on what goes in and what comes out. Get you a Fitbit! Be blessed and Happy Releasing!!!

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