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Day 2 Business Explosion "I woke up with a “Hangover”!!!"

I woke up with a “hangover”!!! Have you ever drunk so much you woke up feeling like you might have a hangover. That is me this morning. I am so full of knowledge that I can’t contain it. And you know with all hangovers “old school” say take another drink to feel better. I can’t wait for Day 3 to start so I can take another drink. LOL! I love waking up looking out and seeing all my possibilities and knowing that I don’t have any limitation. The group training is great and so much information is giving. The real gems of this retreat are the side conversation about business and with other book writers. It’s amazing how many dream seekers and goal oriented people are under this roof. Some have already become published authors which inspire me to keep pushing and to keep going. My favorite saying is “the sky is not the limited just another view”, and this week is proving that for me. I struggle with “self-love” and feeling that I deserve to have all my dreams come true. However, when I take the time and look at who I am becoming verse that I use to be I realized the only thing that has changed is my ability to love me. The good, bad, and all the in between! I am so happy that you all are taking this trip with me and experiencing what I’m am experiencing. Be blessed!!! Happy Releasing!

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