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Size Beautiful Photo Shoot

The concept of the “size beautiful” photo shoot came from me not taken the time to look at myself and appreciate what was there. I had the pretend confidence of a super model but deep down I didn’t feel that way. So I made myself stand in front of the mirror and find the beauty inside. I got real with me and found the flaws and turn them into unique characteristics of me. Once I got myself together it came to me to help others. To show that you don’t have to be a size 2 or 6 to love the body you are in. My plate form is “size healthy” which runs hand in hand with “size beautiful” because when you have a positive attitude toward life the results of the positive energy can be lower blood pressure, better sleep, and etc. of positive things. This picture is the start of many to come. I want to thank my glam squad for making this experience an even better one with the attention to detail. Please enjoy the first of many pictures. Happy releasing!!!

photo shoot.jpg

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