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Motivational Monday

Today is Motivational Monday!!! Over the weekend I had a chance to spend time with family and friends and it was just simply amazing. My family meets every year for a family and friends day. We are supper close and love one another like no tomorrow. Don’t think we don’t fight or fuse because we do but at the end of the day we are family.

One of my cousins spoke with a topic of “Don’t forget your training”! I thought about this speech and decided I had to share it with you guys. He told a story of a community of birds and how we can tell ourselves something over and over again but we have to act on it. In the story he talked the preacher of the birds said every Sunday “WE ARE BIRDS; WE CAN FLY”! Every Sunday after the sermon the bird community would “waddle” home. See someone can tell you that you can fly (i.e. release weight, run, walk, group classes, and etc.) but until you actually believe it and do it. You will keep waddling thru life. Let’s stop waddling thru life and “swore” like eagles. Be blessed and Happy Releasing.

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