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7 Days Until Talk Tuesday Kickoff

Get Ready for “Talk Tuesday”!!! We have one more week before we start our book club series. This club is meant to encourage and empower us to continue on the journey. No matter if your journeys consist of weight release, new job, and etc. This book club should help you find your way and strengthen what’s already there. I know for me it makes me feel better to read empowering statements and get empowering words from others that is my main reason for starting this club. I know it is easy to lose focus on your journey; I am guilty of that many times over. This “Talk Tuesday” is for me as well as you guys. A little truth “MyFitnessPal” app has return for me. I have hit a place where I feel like I’m not making any changes in weight or inches. I tell other’s that half the battle knows. So I began working with an calorie counting app, in order to make sure that the amount of calories I take in is what I’m supposed to have and that I am burring more calories than consumed. This is the kind of this we will talk about on “Talk Tuesday”. The books I have chosen for the year will help keep us on track as well as make it easier to focus on our goals. Be blessed! Happy Releasing!!!

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