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Day 3 Business Explosion “Dance On the Sand”

Yesterday we went out for an early dinner to the nearby Crab Trap which the food was amazing. I even treated myself to fried shrimp and hushpuppies. However, that was not the highlight of the day. When I was talking to “Sue-Ham Baby” about the water and sand I realized that most people don’t know the struggles that full-figured women have. I remember a cruise I took with family to the Bahamas where we ended up on a beach. As soon as I walked on the beach my body sank in the sand. The walk from the top of the sand to closer to the water became a challenge for me. My family waited on me and helped me to get to the blanket and even then I felt so ashamed for making them wait. People were looking and staring at me. At one point I wanted to cry because I could not imagine having to walked back to the top of the sand and have people looking at me. That was the last beach I visited on the trip. I am from the beach; however I use to HATE the beach because I knew of the struggles of getting on and off the sand. It made me feel less then who I was.

Then I had that dreaded day at the doctor and was told I would be on insulin if I didn’t make changes in my life. Now almost 80lbs lighter, I love the beach. I don’t just walk on the sand I run on the sand. I make every moment count now. I love the water and having fun with family and friends. If I don’t get anything else across in two days blog, let me say you can dance on the sand. Stop letting you mind cause you to miss out on more trips to the beach. Take a stand and make today your day you take back you “happy”. Be blessed and Happy Releasing!

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